Thursday, July 31, 2014


"I am like any other man. All I do is supply a demand" Al Capone

If anyone wants something their is a demand for the product or service. Al Capone said it best in terms of business when he is giving people what they are requesting. Sure he may not be the greatest example but in reality this is as simple as it gets. Demand will thrive in any economy and allow the organizations to bring in extra revenue to satisfy the cost of manufacturing the product or the hours invested with the clientele.

If the price of the goods are set appropriate then more will purchase. The cheaper items will sell quicker, but many factors will be in motion as well such as a cheaper material and not as good of a product most of the time. Some companies utilize marketing strategies in which they only create a limited amount of supplies, this in turn makes the demand much more since human nature does not want to be left out of a great product. They can price the item ridiculously high and earn sky high profits for the same item while the demand will continue to be there.

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Monday, May 26, 2014


"Teach a parrot the terms supply and demand and you've got an economist"-Thomas Carlyle

  Which of the two is more important? In this edition of the journal we will be reviewing supply.  The definition of supply is essentially the willingness to sell.  This can encompass a lot from your local run of the mill corner store down to international corporations.  We can see that if a company or nation has access to create goods or services they can essentially profit from selling it to those companies or nations that find it harder to procure those resources. Without a service or good there is nothing to make a profit on so therefore you can not have a successful business.  Supply matters in terms of who and where to sell your items.  This is not saying that supply is the only thing that matters because in fact demand plays a vital role in our society as well which we will discuss in the next edition of the Journal. 

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Sunday, April 27, 2014


  What is separating you from achieving your goals?  The answer is the amount of determination.  Once someone is determined to succeed they will do everything in their power to accomplish it.  But if they are determined to try.... Words like "try" don't work they merely acknowledge defeat before even starting. Utilizing powerful words and having a CAN DO attitude will get the job done. As a community we must all be determined to see our business thrive in any economy be it local, national, or international.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014


  Is competition good or bad for start-ups?  Some argue it is essential to assist in striving for the customers, while on the other hand others will claim it will harm them.  So if it harms your business model then your unique idea may have needed more work than just being put out there.Research, plan, marketing, and much more are essential to any start-up. The well established companies out there have all done plenty to get ahead.  It should strive you to compete in a dog eat dog world that we all live in.

  My personal view on this topic,  know your competition and the other companies out there that may be similar enough to steal or improve your own idea and work it against you.  If you come prepared and completed all the hard work, it pays to look at everything including those who you will try to outshine.  A simple example is if you are selling cell phones, be sure to look at the big companies out there, but don't stop there, look at house phones as well as internet phone options that may even be part of the market that you need to attract as well. Simply put, improving or an original idea takes time and dedication.  As an Entrepreneur we all know what we need to do to ensure its success. So go do it. Stop hesitating and complete the action steps. 

Its been several weeks since our last post, and I would personally like to take this opportunity to say we have been working on certain aspects of the site to improve the end users experience.

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Monday, February 24, 2014


  Happy? Sad? Angry? Emotions.... So how do you deal with emotions? More importantly how do you deal with them in the workplace? Now there are many school of thoughts on this topic. I hear the common be yourself or hide the feelings. The truth is…. We are all different, but we all demand the same amount of respect especially at work where we all thrive for success.

   The advantages of being yourself is simple, you will be happy you are not conforming to the norms and you are YOU. Cry or get mad only you know how to release the stress and show who you are when you feel a certain way, and yes some emotions such as happiness are awesome to display and may even bring about more happiness around coworkers. But the disadvantages are people may take certain moods you bring about to their advantage. For example if you’re in a great mood smiling all day, that’s the best chance for someone to ask for part of the day off and they may come up with some lie or even ask you to sign some paperwork knowing you may not want anything to ruin your day-no stress.

   People feed off emotions! My personal favorite is to hide the feelings. By keeping your emotions to yourself you are not playing the game of having people feeding on how you feel. In fact you will remain consistent and your employers will know what to expect day in and day out. Additionally if and when you decide to show anger, people will take head of this and not want to be on your bad side, and vice versa if you’re glad they will try harder to impress and make you glad. This can be a more productive way to approach your own emotions. The disadvantages are you may simply not have many friends at work. (But you’re at work, you’re not there to make friends.. it’s a place of business) You might be construed as a bitter Tin(man or woman).

   Now remember it’s up to you which path to take but please remember one thing, “There is no crying in Baseball” A League of Their Own 1992 . If in baseball they don’t show emotion and that’s a professional sport, we are business men and women of the corporate world and we should not cry either.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Reputation Follows Success

While it has been a few weeks since our last post we are thrilled and excited to continue to put in work.  I have often heard the term your reputation is what will determine the success or failure for you.  I have come to think about that and it makes sense. Lasting impressions could very well be your first impression. Greet everyone with a smile!  If you are good at what you do, don’t worry about getting recognition. I promise it will be noticed later from others or if worst case scenario it will be missed once you go work for someone else. Now on the other hand if you seem to be lacking in any area and people remember, and they will remember.  Try to change their impression of you by maybe completing small simple tasks that you know you can achieve and build up slowly. Nothing has to be built overnight, but gaining the trust of your colleagues can be completed in various forms and ways.  Trust, work ethic, dedication and many more aspects are taken into consideration on how people will view you as a person. Remember to smile and look presentable because the first chance could very well be your last if they do not appear interested in whatever it is you may be planning.  Be sure to keep your social media and anything a possible employer might look at looking the way you want them to notice and respect what you do, not being viewed as a tagging teenager or delinquent middle aged adult who waste money on drinks and clubs. Let’s keep things professional, clean, and everlasting.   Well I will leave you with the following: 

“If reputation follows success, how do you want to be viewed?”
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

State Of Mind

  Before we begin, let me ask you one question; Are you in the right mindset to accomplish your objective? Now I'm sure most of us would like to say we are and we will meet or surpass the intent, but really what does it take to get in the right mindset to perform at the levels we would like to see? The answer is quite simple: Believe in the finished product or idea you are trying to reach and basically have the drive and determination to see it to the end.

   Most of us reading this post are destined for eminence. To get there we must stop what we are doing set out a set of goals we would like to achieve and then commence the proper form of action needed to accomplish the task. This could be done in a variety of ways. Simply, writing down your goals with a set of action steps or mini goals you would like to achieve can assist you in reaching the goal quicker and even motivate you to get there faster because you are seeing results. Annotate a realistic deadline for each separate goal within the overall big picture. I will emphasize again a REALISTIC time frame for accomplishing the goal. This is vitally important because nobody will reinvent the wheel overnight and if you happen to do that you might be the only exception. Give your self several days or weeks depending on the type of project you are seeking to finish and keep in mind other activities and life come up. We may even see a new way of approaching the same solution and may consider starting over or just going about it that route.

  The attitude you start with will determine the level of success. For example, you wake up angry due to some unforeseen event from the night prior. That anger will not allow you to reach new levels of achievement you had once thought of. Your mind is set on one item and its not the success of your goal. Move past that problem and be calm, cool, and collected with the proper lighting and research material and surround yourself with people who will push you to further develop yourself and see plenty of potential in you. The app is a great place to have those people around you, knowing we as a community of entrepreneurs are set out to assist everyone in their venture.

 Feel free to comment and download the app if you haven't already done so. Thank you

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